About Us


The high quality and reasonable price,along with the professional service are what make JMYMJ com to be your first The choice!

I used to love manicures, but I didn't like the time I had to wait to get them done, which made me very frustrated.
But one day, when I went to my friend's house to play, she showed me her artistic wearing nail, and told me that I could reuse it, I felt like I had discovered a new continent.
I started buying a lot of wearing nail with my everyday outfits and it was really convenient.
From cool long nails to cute short nails, there are many styles that I love.
So I created this company to let more people to konw about and love wearing nails.
I will be showing our company's wearing nails on social platforms.Like TIKTOK. Instagram. You can search for JMYMJ.

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